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Meliorum's superior silicon dioxide nanofluid performance for enhancement of specific heat capac

We would like to highlight a recent article which discusses silicon dioxide nanofluid performance for enhancement of specific heat capacity. In particular, the performance of our silicon dioxide nanofluids have been shown to have, on average, a significant thermal performance improvement compared to other suppliers. This is a result of our highly controlled engineering process, which has been designed specifically for this purpose. We are pleased to see another third-party comparison of the performance of these materials that yet again validates Meliorum's superior performance in these heat transfer applications.

The effect of nanoparticle morphology on the specific heat of nanosalts

H. Riazi, S. Mesgari, N. Ahmed, R. Taylor

International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, v. 94, March 2016, p. 254-261

In this article, dated 14 November 2015, the author(s) investigated multiple types of metal oxide nanoparticles, from various suppliers, for the purpose of enhancing the specific heat of a nanosalt solution. The author(s) performed a literature review, summarizing the different levels of enhancement/improvement of specific heat of the nanosalt via incorporation of the metal oxide nanofluid.

Of all the various nanosalt solutions evaluated, the silicon dioxide (SiO2) nanofluid solutions produced using nanoparticles from Meliorum have shown the greatest potential for specific heat enhancement, ranging from 25% to greater than a factor of two – upwards of a 125% improvement in some cases – depending on the type of product. Meliorum’s average improvement was 29%. Other suppliers have demonstrated an average improvement of 10% at best, and in some instances, even a negative result – which constitutes a clearly unacceptable degradation in the specific heat capacity performance of the nanosalt solution.

Figure 1 – Vendor comparison of average percentage improvement (+) or degradation (-) of nanosalt via incorporation of vendor’s engineered nanofluid [data compiled from Riazi, 2016]

The article authors indicate that there is wide variation in the reported results of the level of specific heat enhancement of nanofluids, among various suppliers. Precisely – we couldn’t agree more. The shape of the nanoparticles, and stability of the solutions (in other words, the quality of the particles) plays an integral role in the performance of the nanofluid in this particular application. We designed these particles in a particular way, to achieve the performance enhancement unmatched by any other supplier! This bears out in the very positive feedback we’ve received from commercial clients, who we’ve partnered with over the years.

Based on our observations with other projects, we would further extend the claim to say that solution stability, particle morphology, and preparation technique are ALL critical factors to maximize the performance in almost ANY application! This is because Meliorum has spent years of focused effort to engineer particle configurations that are most appropriate for the various applications in which these materials are used, and that effort translates to clearly improved performance, an example of which is shown here.

We look forward to having the opportunity to work with you to help improve the performance of your products, research, and applications, to achieve benefits of the same magnitude – and higher – as those demonstrated here.


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