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 Powder and Dispersion - Product Number 09821

Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles


Zinc Oxide

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Black Graph - Particle Size Distribution


(Measurements taken via photon correlation spectroscopy light scattering analysis)

Zinc oxide (ZnO) nano powders and dispersions are a versatile material which find applications in sunscreens, sunblocks, paint, preservation, piezoelectric thin films, thin film waveguides, etc. Zinc oxide's electronic band structure allows the material to block or absorb harmful UV radiation. Below a certain size threshold nanoparticles of ZnO are fundamentally transparent to the human eye. In addition, the material is sensitive to light. ZnO can thus find potential applicatons as a transparent electro-optic substrate.


Zinc Oxide nanoparticle dispersions are designed collaboratively, based on your application needs, in scaled quantities with mean particle diameters of 10 nm, and ship in three prepackaged form factors: aqueous stabilized dispersion, organic stabilized dispersion, and powder. Custom form factors and solvents are available upon request.

Meliorum Nano ZnO PDF Datasheet:

Both the sample size and concentration may be designed as required, to concentrations as high as 50 volume percent (a paste form).


Nanoparticle Aggregate Surface Area:

  • 134 sq. meters/gram
Nano ZnO Customization


Zinc oxide dispersions can be formulated in a particularly wide variety of waterbourne and organic liquid solvents.  The choice is yours, and it is driven by your research needs and/or application requirements. Please contact our technical team today, to discuss your requirements.  We look forward to working with you!


Transparent ZnO organic liquid dispersion

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