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Powder and Ink/Dispersion - Product Number 09820


Silicon (Si) nanoparticles are an exciting and relatively versatile material which will revolutionize the electro-optic semiconductor industry. Meliorum silicon nanoparticles are available in powder form, as well as dispersion formulations in standard and custom solvents.

Silicon Nanoparticles

silicon nanoparticles


TEM Image, 30 nm mean diameter

Silicon nanoparticles

silicon nanoparticles


Black Graph - 5nm size distribution, Silicon nanoparticles

Red Graph - 30 nm size distribution, Silicon nanoparticles 


(Measurements taken via photon correlation spectroscopy light scattering analysis)

Silicon nanoparticles:
powder and dispersion form


Bulk silicon is an indirect band gap semiconductor, which means it is a highly inefficient source of light. However, silicon nanoparticles (as small as ~5 nm in diameter) have been demonstrated as an efficient visible light source. In fact, even single silicon nanoparticles can be seen with little complex instrumentation, given the appropriately engineered silicon nanoparticle surface chemistry.


Silicon nanoparticles find potential applications in solid state lighting, lasers, microelectronics, biological tags, etc. It is non-toxic to the human body, in contrast to other semiconductor materials. Silicon nanoparticles are a spectrally broad photoluminescent product, but may be tuned thoughout the visible spectrum with additional silicon nanoparticle post-processing steps, based on your application needs. This will be discussed on a collaborative basis, or Meliorum will refer customers to various publications to outline appropriate processing techniques.

Meliorum Silicon nanoparticle
PDF Datasheet:
Products of silicon nanoparticles may be designed in two primary size distribution choices: 30 nm or 5 nm.  Other sizes available on a custom basis.


Aggregate Surface Area, Silicon nanoparticles:

  • 86 sq. meters/gram (30 nm silicon nanoparticles)

  • 644 sq. meters/gram (5 nm silicon nanoparticles)

Silicon Nanoparticle Ink Surface Functionalization


Formulated over ten years ago, "ink" dispersions of silicon nanoparticles are a specially formulated dispersion usable for printing applications.  The silicon nanoparticles feature a proprietary and customizable surface functionalization that enhances its ability to be incorporated in thin film deposition, layer sintering, and other related industrial and research applications.  Custom surface functionalization of silicon nanoparticles can be made to be compatible with polar or nonpolar carrier solvents, as needed. Additionally, the silicon nanoparticles may be provided with custom dopants and concentrations, for semiconductor materials research.

silicon nanoparticles
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