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History. Meliorum Technologies is a privately held company which manufactures a broad range of cutting edge nanomaterials and nanomaterial-based application precursors to satisfy the stringent technical requirements of both university research and industrial manufacturing. Meliorum's nanofabrication process allows for production of highly uniform nanomaterials, scalable from micrograms up to kilograms. As a result of its ability to deliver materials with strict specification claims, Meliorum realized its first substantial revenue from a large university in the northeastern US.

Industry Uncertainty. There has been considerable flux in the nanotechnology industry over the past ten years as both university and industry researchers attempt to define an unequivocally value-added deliverable to the nano-buying market. Inaccurate claims of mean particle size in powders and suspensions (agglomeration versus primary particle size), for example, have unfortunately brought specification uncertainty to the field. Underperformance in product quality and specifications in previous experiences resulted in the company founders' identification of a true unfulfilled need in the marketplace, which leads to our Mission Statement . . .

Mission Statement. Since its inception Meliorum Technologies has defined its mission statement as follows:


"Meliorum Technologies, Inc. will provide the nanotech industry and university researchers worldwide with nanomaterials that provide strict, cutting-edge specifications at a reasonable cost, thereby adding significant  value to the end consumer."


Over the years, this success of this effort has proven itself out in the numerous academic publications that have featured our products, and industry products that are enabled by our nanomaterials.  Now, Meliorum Technologies seeks to be your sole source for nanomaterials and nanomaterial device solutions. Contact us at to discuss your requirements, or look at our current product listing here. We specialize in many materials, but maintain a primary focus on commercialization of gold nanoparticles and silicon nanoparticles.

gold nanoparticles and silicon nanoparticles

The Meaning of 'Meliorum'. We've received inquiries in the past about the meaning of the name Meliorum. The word Meliorum is a gender and number variant of the Latin Meliora, meaning "better" or "always better." We continually strive to deliver solutions which support this description.


A Final Note: Where We Add Value. In a majority of the customer relationships that ensue, the products generated are a result of collaborative/consulting efforts between Meliorum and the customers authoring papers, or generating other documented technology. We do not simply provide a product, rather, we provide product design and application-driven support based on stated customer requirements.


Your experience is not just our delivery of a tangible product, it's a consultative partnership with an aim towards iterative improvement.

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