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Nanomaterial Master Product List

all available in powder and dispersion form, custom-designed to your application needs


For raw nanomaterial offerings, you may go to our nanomaterial master product page, or request quote or information for additional information on these custom formulations. 

Application-Based Product Designs

Please request quote or information for additional information on these application-based product formulations below. 

Automotive Coolant Additives

Demonstrated by university lab to be 20-50% more efficient at heat rejection

In conjunction with university-level technical assistance chosen by a high-profile racing team, Meliorum has formulated an additive which will increase horsepower, lower engine temperature, and make the engine cooling system significantly more efficient.  


Drag racing teams are excited because their race cars can be designed with no radiator, allowing for a lower drag coefficient body design.  Mud truck racers are excited because their trucks can overheat when the radiator is coated with mud.  On a trial basis, we have designed small quantities of a priprietary water-based formulation suitable for addition to your high-performance automotive coolant system.  


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Transparent Antimicrobial coatings and resins
Using natural, mineral-based antimicrobial materials with optical transparence

Meliorum has developed transparent coating and resin materials that are suitable for antimicrobial applications, where transparent (i.e. optically clear) materials are desirable.  The optical clarity can be desired for aesthetic, cosmetic, or convenience reasons.  Where desired, the coatings have tunable electronic properties, and the resins will be UV curable.


We are currently working with a number of customers to develop specification requirements for these materials 


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