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Cerium Oxide Nanoparticles

Powder and Dispersion - Product Number 09817

Ceria (cerium oxide, CeO2) nano abrasive powder finds applications in the precision polishing of most semiconductor substrate materials including silicon, sapphire, GaAs, etc. Ceria nano abrasive powder has been shown to not only demonstrate tremendous advantages in the planarization process of most semiconductor materials but glassy materials employed in photonic applications as well.


Ceria powder is designed based on application-specific needs as stated by the customer, in scaled quantities with a mean particle diameter of 8 nm. It can be designed in various form factors: powder, aqueous pH modified dispersion, and organic liquid dispersion. Custom form factors are available upon request.


Cerium Oxide

research quantity packaging


Red Graph - Particle Size Distribution

Black Graph - Cumulative Size Distribution


(Measurements taken via photon correlation spectroscopy light scattering analysis)

Meliorum NanoCeria PDF Datasheet:

Both the sample size and concentration may be designed as required, to concentrations as high as 50 volume percent (a paste form).


Nanoparticle Aggregate Surface Area:

  • 44 sq. meters/gram
NanoCeria Customization


Cerium oxide dispersions can be formulated in a particularly wide variety of waterbourne and organic liquid solvents.  The choice is yours, and it is driven by your research needs and/or application requirements. Please contact our technical team today, to discuss your requirements.  We look forward to working with you!

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