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Silicon Nanoparticle Ink -- Nanofluid and Nanoink Features Announced

Silicon nanoparticles

As many are aware, Meliorum has spent the past several years developing a homogeneous silicon nanoparticle ink suitable for various semiconductor microelectronic and related printing applications. We have worked very closely with numerous customers and collaborators -- in their own application spaces -- to identify the most relevant design parameters required for them to achieve their application goals. We are pleased to have achieved a significant basis of understanding of what parameters and parameter values are most significant for the various applications in which these inks are most often deployed. Various fluid parameters such as viscosity and jettability, thermal properties related to sintering mechanisms, and more conventional properties such as surface chemistry, particle size distribution, and purity, have all been analyzed and specified based on application requirements.

As a result, our silicon nanoink and nanofluid product has been featured numerous times in prestigious academic and industry publications for its performance capabilities. For examples of the work performed, and the application spaces in which these silicon nanoinks are deployed (both in research and industrial contexts), please go to our papers/case studies page here

As always, we thank you for your trust in us. It is a true honor. We look forward to further collabotations with our customers to assist in developing application-driven, cutting edge nanomaterial designs to suit your needs.

The Meliorum Team

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