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Silicon nanoparticles & Gold nanoparticles

Plus Custom Semiconductor, Metal and Oxide Nanomaterial Designs - Driven by Application Requirements.  Our Featured Products:

Silicon nanoparticles: ink/dispersion and powder form, custom sizes and surface treatments available. Our nanosilicon products have been featured in many publications and high profile applications click here

Gold nanoparticles: liquid dispersion and powder form, custom sizes and surface treatments; highest concentration colloids click here

Metal & Metal Oxide nanoparticles: chosen as a worldwide standard for various experimental/research applications, our pure metal and metal oxide nanomaterials are well-characterized and high-performing  click here

Nanofluids: engineered nanofluid systems, in custom solvents and concentrations, for application-specific industrial needs click here

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Various Nanomaterials Available


silicon nanoparticles gold nanoparticles
Nanomaterial Standards 
Meliorum Technologies is honored to have been selected to produce nanomaterial standards for various University research endeavors.  For more information click here
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