Silicon nanoparticles & Gold nanoparticles

Plus Custom Semiconductor, Metal and Oxide Nanomaterial Designs - Driven by Application Requirements.  Our Featured Products:

Silicon nanoparticles: ink/dispersion and powder form, custom sizes and surface treatments available. Our nanosilicon products have been featured in many publications and high profile applications click here

Gold nanoparticles: liquid dispersion and powder form, custom sizes and surface treatments; highest concentration colloids click here

Metal & Metal Oxide nanoparticles: chosen as a worldwide standard for various experimental/research applications, our pure metal and metal oxide nanomaterials are well-characterized and high-performing  click here

Nanofluids: engineered nanofluid systems, in custom solvents and concentrations, for application-specific industrial needs click here

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Nanomaterial Standards 
Meliorum Technologies is honored to have been selected to produce nanomaterial standards for various University research endeavors.  For more information click here

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