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Semiconductor, Metal & Oxide Nanomaterial Designs, Based on Application Requirements
Silicon Nanomaterial
PRODUCT DESIGNS AVAILABLE: In powder and dispersion, 5 nm
Metal & Oxide Nanomaterials
PRODUCT DESIGNS AVAILABLE: Cerium oxide, zinc oxide, gold, copper
News & Updates
1 September 2013
Meliorum Technologies, Inc. completes the next phase of its Statistical Process Control Plan, an operational initiative to lock in manufacturing process capability (Cp,k)
7 April 2010
Meliorum invites you to view a scholarly article depicting an example of The Company's gold and silver colloids in research applications Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 111 (25), 8925-8933, 2007
25 April 2006
Meliorum announces introduction of nanofluid designs of various metals and metal oxides
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