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March 14, 2018

Our engineering and scientific staff are ready to help you use nanomaterials to improve your products today!  Here is yet another example in the academic literature, using silicon nanoparticles in thermal fluids.

One of the Meliorum Technologies silicon nanoparticle and metal oxide nanoparticle applications having shown consistently successful results in the academic literature is the incorporation of these nanomaterials in molten salt eutectic solutions.  These molten salt eutectic solutions are used for many purposes; many of the applications leverage their high levels of specific heat capacity (i.e. the amount of energy needed to increase the temperature of a fixed mass or volume of the fluid).  Recently, solar thermal energy conversion systems, for example, require the st...

January 8, 2016

We would like to highlight a recent article which discusses silicon dioxide nanofluid performance for enhancement of specific heat capacity.  In particular, the performance of our silicon dioxide nanofluids have been shown to have, on average, a significant thermal performance improvement compared to other suppliers.  This is a result of our highly controlled engineering process, which has been designed specifically for this purpose.  We are pleased to see another third-party comparison of the performance of these materials that yet again validates Meliorum's superior performance in these heat transfer applications.

The effect of nanoparticle morphology on the specific heat of nanosalts

H. Riazi, S. Mesgari, N. Ahmed, R. Taylor


March 9, 2015

Meliorum scientists and engineers have spoken with several different customers to obtain information on various techniques that are used to deposit our nanomaterials for the purpose of making nanoparticle thin films.  We have selected four different academic articles from our list of customers, each describing a different method for making thin films. 

The first article employs a laser heating method.  A laser is used to “sinter” the particles, which leverages a unique property of nanoparticles to generally have a lower melting temperature than its associated solid.  The details of the process – which specifically uses our silicon nanoparticles – are described in the article [1].

The second article discusses an ink jet sintering method.  This is the method that...

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Engineering Application Update: Silicon Nanoparticles - Enhancement of Specific Heat of Molten Salt/Nanofluid

March 14, 2018

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